There’s No Such Thing As The Perfect House

I hear it all the time. “Tim, you have to find us the perfect house!” The truth is, there’s no such thing as the perfect house. Sure, a house might seem perfect at the moment, but within a few weeks or months the warts will begin to show. Perfection is temporary. And just a point of view. Rather than focusing on the perfect house, focus on finding the “nearly perfect” home that suits your needs now.

Why The Zillow Zestimate Is Really Just Bull Zit

Even Zillow says their popular Zestimate feature is a ballpark guess at best and doesn’t reflect the true value of a home. Still, everyday I hear someone who takes the Zestimate as gospel… Poor misguided foolz…

When Shopping For A House “Proximity” Is One Word To Keep In Mind

When shopping for a new home the word proximity should be top of mind. How close is the house to schools, shopping, restaurants, doctors, work, friends, family, etc. You might find the perfect home but if it’s off the beaten path, the allure may wear off quickly.