What Is A Down Payment?

When you buy a home, you’re likely to run into a number of real estate terms. Let’s look at one. Down Payment. A down payment is made by the buyer at the beginning of a home purchase to show commitment to the transaction. It’s usually a percentage of the total price of the home, and paid through a wire transfer. This payment is immediately applied to the buyer’s equity position in the property.

What’s The Difference Between An Inspector and An Appraiser?

Some people think inspectors appraise property and appraisers inspect property. Nothing could be further from the truth. Appraisers work for the buyer’s lender to come up with an appraised value of a property to make sure the lender isn’t lending more than the property is worth. Inspectors inspect properties looking for defects that the seller will ultimately have to pay for. Neither works on behalf of the seller, which is why so many deals go down the drain after a bad inspection or low appraisal.

FSBO Tip: Great Photos Can Sell Average Homes For Maximum Profits

One of the reasons many For Sale By Owner properties don’t sell is because most FSBO’s take LOUSY pictures. People shop for houses online and if your photos suck, people will think your house sucks, simple as that. Use a professional photographer to take your pics or enlist the help of an agent who can get it done for you.

FSBO Tip: Master The Fine Art of Negotiation

When you’re selling your home on your own you have to do it all: price the property correctly; clean, repair and declutter; take pictures and videos; effectively market the house to buyers, and finally, master the fine art of negotiation. Things typically get tense when it comes down to price. And if you suck at negotiation, do not — I repeat — do not try to sell your home yourself. You will always come out on the short end of the deal.

How To Stage Your Home To Make It More Appealing To Buyers

One of the BIGGEST COMPLAINTS I hear from For Sale By Owners is that they HATE trying to DE-CLUTTER their home. We all have too much stuff but some houses look like the Hoarders live there. Buyers don’t want to see your stuff in the house. They want to imagine their stuff there.

FSBO Tip: You Can’t Sell Your House If You Never Let Anyone See It

One of the biggest complaints I hear from For Sale By Owners is that they hate to show their house to strangers. “They call at all hours of the day and night and want to walk through… I have to watch them like a hawk so they don’t steal something… I have better things to do than show the house to a bunch of lookie-loos…” Showing your house to strangers is part of the process — and one of the reasons most FSBO’s eventually call someone like me.

FSBO Tip: How To Accurately Price Your Home In A Competitive Market

Most For Sale By Owners have no idea how to accurately price their home to sell quickly in a highly competitive market. Some pull the price out of their ear, some listen to their friends and neighbors, while others let Zillow figure out a price for them. All those methods are wrong, and here’s why…

What Is Mortgage Underwriting And How Can It Stop You From Getting A Home Loan?

The final step in the home mortgage processing is underwriting. This the step where a mortgage underwriter digs deep into your financials (income, taxes, savings, etc.) to make sure you can afford to borrow the money you have been preapproved for. Many deals fall apart in underwriting. Here are a few tips that’ll help you pass underwriting with flying colors.

The Zillow Myth: If You List It They Will Come (Not)

Many home sellers think that all they have to do to sell their home is list it on Zillow and wait for the buyers to come. They’re often shocked to ultimately learn that it doesn’t quite work that way. Putting your home on Zillow doesn’t put your home on the market anymore than listing your name in a phone book. You have to actively market your home to attract buyers. Just putting it on Zillow doesn’t cut it.

How To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal So Buyers Will Want To Come Inside

When it comes time to sell your home remember this: buyers DO judge a book by its cover.¬†Check on your home’s curb appeal before buyers see it. Does your house look warm and inviting? Or does it look like the Musters live there?¬† These tips will help show your house in a grand light.