Should You Choose A Fixed Or Adjustable Rate Mortgage

“Interest” is the price you pay to borrow money. The higher the interest rate, the more you’ll pay. There’s also adjustable rate mortgages which have a rate that rises and falls with current rates. Both have pros and cons. Here are a few tips on picking the kind of interest rate that’s best for you.

Is The Real Estate Market Cooling Down?

Even in a hot market there are doomsayers who predict a time when the market cools, the inventory dries up, and realtors scramble to find another job they’re qualified to do (“Do you want fries with that?”) …. Is the real estate bubble about to burst? …. Maybe … Then again, maybe not….

What Is “Best And Final” When It Comes To Real Estate

Sometimes when the real estate gods smile on you and the planets align you’ll get multiple offers on a property … Which can start a sort of bidding war called “the best and final” … Best and final means just that … Buyers offer up their best and final offer for the property then the seller will decide who the lucky winner is ….

Why Some People Get Cold Feet When Buying A House

It happens to every buyer at some point …. You find the home of your dreams … You negotiate a great deal on it … You’re just days away from closing and you think … What the heck have I done???? …. It’s called buyer’s remorse …. Cold feet … And here are a few tips on how to warm those puppies back up …

Are Those Real Estate Flipping Seminars For Real Or Just BS

You’ve heard the radio commercials … Come to our free seminar and learn how to flip homes using other people’s money … You, too, can get rich in real estate with no money down …. Learn how to buy rental properties with no money down …. You, too, can become a slumlord … Are their claims too good to be true …. Well, what do you think?

What Does “Average Days On The Market” Really Mean

“HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE MY HOME TO SELL?” …. That’s the number 1 question I get from homeowners … My response …. “Dammit, Jim, I’m a Realtor, not a psychic” … Or a miracle worker …. Look … Some houses sell quickly … Some linger on the market forever … Some never sell at all … Which category your house falls into — And the number of days it sits on the market — Depends on a variety of conditions …. Price …. Age of the home …. Condition … Neighborhood … Competition …. How bad a buyer wants it … And a dozen other things …